Office Depot Sweden simplifies catalog production with PIM

Office Depot (Sweden), part of one of the world's leading companies for office supplies, uses PIM to streamline workflows for 15,000 SKUs ranging from coffee machines to paper clips. inRiver has helped Office Depot completely automate product flow, from set-up in the ERP to live on the website. This has dramatically improved data quality and accelerated time-to-market.

All product data is available in one agile system, so teams no longer have to juggle an inflexible ERP, spreadsheets and image files. It’s now easier for staff to maintain the printed and e-commerce catalogs. Efficiency gains have reduced resource requirements and freed staff to focus on adding value instead of executing tasks manually. 

“Thanks to inRiver, we’re able to use our product data in different and more sophisticated ways. Our product information is of higher quality and better structure, which means we can bring products to market much faster” says Björn Wiman, E-Commerce Manager at Office Depot (Sweden).