There’s nothing like the great outdoors. Hiking, skiing, camping and fishing are among the many favorite activities shared by outdoor enthusiasts. Canadians turn to the 40-year-old veteran, SAIL, with 10 showroom stores in Quebec and Ontario and over 500,000 items in its assortment, and the 2 new Sportium stores that opened in November 2015. Steve Cristofaro, Project Manager, Digital Marketing for SAIL shares how a leading retailer evolves to remain on top:

"inRiver allowed us to create a centralized system that can manage the large quantities of product information we need for our website AND at the same time making the information available to all other channels within our enterprise. We chose Absolunet in Quebec to implement the solution."

Results: Website traffic increased on average 30%; organic traffic increased by 25%; project delivered on-time and under budget.

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inRiver Is The Heart Of The Online Presence At SAIL

When Canadian retailer SAIL wanted to take their in-store assortment online, they turned to inRiver. In just six months they went from a store-only venture to an online player, offering major parts of their extensive assortment through a web shop. Today, SAIL has an agile PIM process, with a fast time-to-market that positions the company for the future. For the product marketing team, inRiver has become the heart of their online presence.