The TOPS Products division manages an enormous amount of product data for their more than 10,000 stock keeping units (SKUs). Because of the division’s multiple sales channels, each SKU has potentially hundreds of attributes. “When I joined TOPS in early 2015, we were trying to manage all this product information in our Magento eCommerce database,”explained Julie Schmitt, Ecommerce Marketing Analyst, TOPS Products. “Even though not all of those products were on the website, we had most of the information in the database. This was really impacting the performance—of both our database and our product information.”

This became even more apparent when TOPS acquired four additional brands. “Magento works well as an eCommerce solution,” commented Heather Tucker, Supervisor, Content Management at TOPS. “However, we had ‘max’d it out’ with all the customizations that we had put in place to manage our product information. Having inRiver has freed us up to do more strategic activities,” confirmed Tucker. “We don’t have to do as many tactical things, like research which server assets may be stored on.”

Schmitt and her colleagues are happy with the progress they have made with their product information. “We have experienced all the positive benefits of having a PIM,” commented Schmitt. “There is one source for all of our data. We don’t need to worry about who has the latest information. Whereas we used to keep a lot of data in spreadsheets and had conflicts among those spreadsheets, now we have all the data in a system that is specifically designed to manage the data content.”

About TOPS Products: TOPS Products is a division of the newly formed company, LSC Communications. The Company, which employs more than 20,000 people, is a global leader in traditional and digital print, print-related services, and office products, that serves the needs of publishers, merchandisers and retailers. TOPS Products is an office supply division that manufactures binders, forms, notebooks, and report covers and sells through “big box” stores, regional channels, wholesalers, and online channels, primarily targeting the consumer and office supply markets.

“inRiver is part of our DNA internally” - TOPS products are right where they want to be: in total control

In this customer success video, we see how North American office products manufacturer, TOPS Products, achieved a single view of their products. inRiver PIM enables staff to produce, manage and syndicate content much faster, with less effort than before. Watch the TOPS Products story where SVP Matt Roberts, Content Management Supervisor Heather Tucker, and eCommerce Marketing Analyst Julie Schmitt tell how inRiver contributes to meeting their customers’ product information needs, and providing a fantastic customer experience.